1-7 SEPTEMBER 2019

 Eco  Yoga Camp in Crimea 

    We invite you you to Russia for a natural mountain  escape in on of the most powerful   energy  place of the world!

    Restore your  natural strength, get  inspired to live healthy in peace and harmony with nature!


    • Experience and learn about sustainable living in Eco Camp’s build with love and care about Mother Nature in the Valley of Crimean mountains
    • Balance your body and mind with daily yoga practices
    • Try delicious Vegetarian meals of Russian cuisine
    • Enjoy safe and friendly atmosphere of yoga community
    • Learn from master classes of Russian and international teachers
    •  Get unique chance to unite your body, mind and spirit with great support of healing nature
    • Enjoy hiking adventures and breathtaking sunrises from the top of the hill
    • Visit powerful pilgrimage places of Crimea and Black Sea boating

    Retreat  will be accommodated by Eco Camp Crimea. 

    Eco Camp Crimea is a unique space  on one of the most beautiful  mountains of the Belbek Valley.  

    This place was built from Eco-materials  with love and care about nature  and was  designed for spiritual, physical, mental development.

    A total area of Eco camp is of about 8 hectares, includes a terraced apple orchard cultivated in an organic way, glades with a variety of medicinal herbs, deciduous forest, junipers, pines and endless Crimean mountains.

    The area of Eco Camp includes: 

    • vegetarian Cafe
    •  2 yoga halls
    • playground for kids
    • swiming pool 
    • sauna 
    • walking distance to Sunrise hill and beautiful mountain  Lake 


    Two-store house, ideal for 5-7 people.

    Such a house  is only one  in Eco-Camp and it is a local landmark. 

    Built from natural materials it has  outstanding design and all facilities inside. 



    Double cottage is made  from wild pine, built by hand, with healing properties of phytoncids. All facilities are inside. 



    Fully built by hand from environmentally friendly materials such as reeds, wood and cotton fabrics.

    The toilet and showers are located outside on the campground.


    Eco camp provides camp platform, tents with mattress and bedding. 

    The toilet and showers are located on the campground.

    Yoga and meditation

    Learn ancient yoga techniques to balance the body, calm down the mind and allow inner transformation happen!

    Healthy lifestyle

    We invite you to try yogic discipline includes avoidance of alcohol, drugs and intoxicants, vegetarian diet and yogic rituals help you to maintain healthy body and clear mind.

    Eco travel

    Yoga Vacation allows you to step out from your comfort zone and rediscover yourself with a great support of the nature. 

    An exciting trip to powerful pilgrimage places of Crimea and Black Sea boating will be part of your experience! 

    Positive attitude

    By practicing loving kindness and compassion to each other, we are able to create safe and friendly environment for everyone to thrive and feel as a family.  

    Daily schedule

    • Early wake up and yogic cleansing rituals
    • Sunrise meditation 
    • Morning Hatha yoga
    • Vegetarian or vegan breakfast
    • Free time, Master classes, hiking or excursion 
    • Vegetarian or vegan Lunch 
    • Free time,  Master classes, hiking or excursion 
    • Sunset yoga class 
    • Dinner
    • Evening activity or meditation

    Eco-camp vegetarian cafe will provide delicious  meals for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner! Eco-friendly products from the farms of the valley, made in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda and macrobiotics.

    Early birds prices for  booking before 01.06.2019 

    Cottage (limited) for 2 persons (749 USD per person) 

    Cottage (limited) for 1 person (999 USD)

    Bungalow for 2 persons (549 USD per person)

    Bungalow for 1 person (649USD)

    Tent (399 USD per person)

    A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.

    The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    What’s included
    • 6 nights accommodation
    • 3 Vegetarian meals daily 
    • 2 classes of yoga  daily
    • Guided meditation sessions 
    • Master classes of Russian and International teachers daily
    • Group activities, hiking, walking
    • Day trip  to pilgrimage places of Crimea and Black Sea boating 
    What’s  not included
    • Flight ticket 
    • Airport transfer

    The closest airport is Simferopol International Airport. There are many flights from Russia and Saint-Peterburg to Simferopol  daily. 

    It’s 1,5 hour drive to Eco Camp from the air-port. We can  organize taxi  pick up for you by request.