We are

We are Olga Omkari and Ernesto Vasu couple of yoga teachers traveling the world and walking the path of self discovering! Our passion is share the knowledge of yoga with everyone who are wiling to change their habits towards healthier and happier way of living!

We travel

Originally from Russia and Mexico we left our countries in our mid twenties to discover the world and learn more about our own self by experience.

There were many path walked, many roads, countries and different cultures explored since 2012.

Living for a longer period of time in

Asia, following local culture and learning eastern philosophy made us see the world differently! By traveling we learn: in diversity of people and cultures there is always the same essence of a great opportunity to be a human!

We believe traveling is an incredible tool to experience the life fully. We encourage everyone to go beyond imitation of their mind to see a beauty of this world and be a part of big global family!

We teach

For us yoga is more than physical exercise so we pay attention to bring a positive intention to connect body, mind and breath with awareness of the present moment.  

The main yoga style  we teach is hatha yoga one of the most ancient and traditional yoga style from  India in the way recommended by Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda.  

We adapt classes by the needs of the people so there are variety of classes we offer according  the level of students. 

While teaching retreats we also offer Yin yoga, Hatha yoga flow, Restorative yoga. 

We offer a few techniques  of concentration the mind which is the first step to meditation. Object of concentration can be a breathing, candle flame, symbol, mantra repetition, sensations of the body and so on.  By experience One has a chance to chose the way to meditate. 

Pranayama means control of Breath. We consider it as one of the most important practice of yoga as it is direct way to calm down the mind and release the stress of the body. 

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation helps to relax the body and nerves system. It is  state of mind between sleeping and awareness, the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.  This is the best practice to reduce tension and anxiety. 

Kirtan is the way to transform emotions into devotion. It’s often includes chanting or singing devotional song along with live music such a flute, drum and so on. It’s traditional Indian way to celebrate the life! 

Learn how to practice yoga together, developing trust and surrender! 

We happy to share the ancient knowledge of leaving in turn with nature! We offer:

  • workshop of Ayurveda
  • workshop of Homemade Natural cosmetic
  • workshop of Chakras
  • daily morning Aurvedic rituals
  • Sivananda yoga daily routine

We share

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